Five resume mistakes that can cost you the job

Posted: 24.10.2017

Basics errors
Spelling mistakes, poor grammar and unformatted text are all simple errors that can cost you the job. Spend some extra time to read, and re-read, your resumes before hitting the send button.
Getting the size wrong
The ideal resume is 1-2 pages long. Short enough to make it easy for a potential employer to get a grasp of your qualifications and experience, yet long enough to cover all the bases.
Too many irrelevant skills
The recruiter wants to know if you have the skills for the job at hand – and that’s it! If you waste their time with endless lists of all the skill sets you think are required to do the job, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy and risk making your resume too long.
Using short-form terminology
A resume is a professional document and deserves to be treated as such. Abbreviations and short-form terminology makes it difficult for a recruiter to scan and comprehend the relevant information.
Wrong contact information
A fatal mistake and about the silliest thing you can do, because it’s a mistake so easily avoided – yet recruiters say they see it all the time. Keep your resume updated and as mentioned: check, check and check again before hitting send.

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