Six things to do before a job interview

Posted: 22.11.2017

1.Understand the job description
Go through the job description carefully and understand the key skills required for the role. Then, during the interview, you can mention how your skill set is suited for the role.
2. Know the company
The more you know about the organisation you’re applying to be a part of, the better!
3. Research the interviewer
With access to social media you can find out who is going to interview you – a simple task to make the interview a little less of a ‘jump into the unknown’ that is sure to help you.
4. Prepare your questions
If you’ve done the first three steps, this one should be easy, as you’ve already accumulated information about the job, the company, and who is interviewing you. Be very familiar with what it is you want to ask before stepping through the door.
5. Arrange your documents
Get your documented ducks in a row. If the interviewer asks for information, you’ll have it on hand without breaking stride, demonstrating that you plan ahead and you’re organised.
6. Don’t forget about body language
Body language is something usually ignored by interviewees, but it could get you the much desired brownie points. Work well on your sitting posture, handshakes, eye contacts etc.

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