Being a Driver in NZ

Do you have patience? Are you happy with your own company? Can you sit still in one place for long periods of time? Do you enjoy seeing different places? Then maybe this is the job for you. Being a truck driver means being responsible for delivering and collecting loads timeously and safely transporting them. You will need to carry a special vehicle license for the type of truck you want to drive and you will be required to have passed certain tests for this license. You will be required to drive in hazardous conditions such as rain and snow sometimes so an advanced driving course would be an advantage on top of your special license. Truck drivers who transport hazardous goods  need to complete unit standards in dangerous good, this can be done as part of a National Cert in commercial road transport available through MITO.  Truck drivers can also be trained and employed by the NZ Army.

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Pay depends on what region you work in, who you work for, what work you do and how many hours you work. An average pay for a truck driver ranges from $16 - $25 per hour.
Truck drivers may need to do any or all of the following:
Help or supervise the loading of the truck
Weigh the truck after loading
Ensure the load is secure and not being damaged
Ensure safety protocol is adhered to at all times
Make sure admin such as invoices and records are kept
Plan routes for their trips
Keep a log book of the hours and distances travelled
Truck Drivers also need to know or have the following:
Basic vehicle maintenance
Great driving skills
Knowledge and experience in using strops, binders  and chains
How to handle emergency situations and what procedures follow
Know how when it comes to satellite tracking and on board computers etc
Knowledge of laws related to transport and any other laws applicable to the work
Working conditions for truck drivers can vary.  Conditions may be stressful depending on weather and traffic conditions or road conditions. Some travel is long distance and drivers may be away from home for extended periods.
If you would like to know more about becoming a truck driver then please  take a look at the New Zealand Transport Agency's website or MITO or NZ Defence careers website You can also search for jobs on

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