5 body language mistakes to avoid during an interview

Landing a job interview in the first place isn’t easy – so you’ll want to do everything you can to maximise your chances of success.
What takes many people by surprise, are the things they’re not aware of that can seriously damages these chances… and body language is one of the main culprits here.
Here are five body language mistakes not to commit during a job interview
Crossing your arms
Although perfectly acceptablein almost any other circumstance, during an interview crossing your arms in front of your chest makes you look defensive and hostile. Keep your hands sitting quietly in your lap to present an open disposition to the interviewer.
Not making eye contact
It doesn’t matter where or when – but not looking someone in the eye when conversing with them can be interpreted as a lack of confidence, not caring, and unengaged in the conversation. Do this during a job interview can be fatal – look your interviewer in the eye while listening and speaking to show you're engaged in the conversation.
Not sitting up straight
Slouching doesn’t convey a sense of self confidence and that can really damage your chances of landing the job. If you want to appear confident, polished and professional – sit up straight and square your shoulders to the interviewer.
Playing with things on the table
Clicking a pen or playing with paper is an absolute no-no during an interview, as it can easily be interpreted as a sign you’re not engaged, distracted or anxious.

Using too many hand gestures
When it comes to hand gestures, it’s a matter of finding the right balance. A small amount of hand gesturing means you don’t come across as really stiff, but if you overdo it, you can appear to be lacking in self-restraint. 

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