How to write a New Zealand Cover Letter for the Job you want

How to write a New Zealand Cover Letter for the Job you want

Including a cover letter specific to the job you are applying for when sending out your CV to prospective employers, shows that you are serious about the position and not just sending out a generic cover letter and your CV to multiple employers. A great cover letter should capture the attention of your reader and ensure that they read it thoroughly.

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How to start?

Why start strong and as you mean to go on. First impressions last! Make sure your opening paragraph WOWS the person reading it with your clearly perfect suitability for the role and makes them want to read more.

Include the name of the person you are sending the CV to, if it has not been established who the applications are going to then go onto LinkedIn, FaceBook or the company’s website and research who the letter should be addressed to. They will be impressed at the effort. If all else fails you can call the company and ask reception who to address it to or failing that you can address it as follows: To Whom It May Concern.



Google is your best friend here, type in the company’s name and find their website, social media accounts and any other information on the company. Make yourself well informed on the business and who they are, what they do and what they stand for. Having knowledge of their brand, services, products or history will go a long way in showing that you are interested in the company and serious about the position. Describe what attracts you to working for the company, show enthusiasm for their services or products and how you can relate to their ethos or mission statement etc.


Highlight your best bits

Create a concise description of your skills and experience and condense the most relevant parts of your CV that relate to the requirements of the job. By showing them that you possess the exact experience, skills and qualities needed for the role, it will set you up as a leading candidate. Be clear on how YOU can help their business and what you can bring to the table in terms of value and contribution.


Expand on your skill list

Elaborate on your other skills that will assist in the position and how they will be valuable in your role. Don’t be scared to use verbs like ‘managed’, ‘facilitated’, ‘inspired etc


End of with a Call to Action prompt

Don’t hesitate to end of your letter by asking when it would be convenient to meet and then saying thank you. It will show that you are keen to move forward and it finishes the letter on a polite note.




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