Once You’ve Applied

You found an incredible job, spent hours on a dynamic cover letter, submitted it along with your updated CV and….. nothing?! The waiting is starting to drive you mad but it’s only been a week, so here’s what you need to remember: one position can get many applications which all need reviewing and sometimes by more than one person. The recruiters may also be waiting for all the applications to come in before going through them. Always check the application closing date and wait until at least two weeks after that before getting yourself stressed out. You can then proceed with caution (double check the method of communication requested and do not use any other method) You can pop them an e-mail along these lines:


Good Day,

I did recently apply for the IT Manager position at Tech Solutions on the 2nd of May, and this is just a follow upwith regards to my application. I am eager at the prospect of working forTech Solutionsand so I thought it only fit that I should introduce myself, whilst also checking on the status of my application.

I would be very interested in learning more about the role if it is still open. I have been managing the IT Department and I&J Tech Lab for the last 6 years and before that I was IT Manager of Sherlock Laboratories. I have gained much experience from these two companies and have successfully managed a multitude of different projects. I will gladly chat more should my experience and skills be of use to your company. Please see my portfolio of work (resume, cover letter, and samples) is attached.

Thank you and sincerely yours


The golden rule is to not pester recruiters! If they want you they will be in touch. If after this you don’t hear from anyone, then let it go. Maybe they will come back to you in the future ;)

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