After you’ve had your first interview or phone screening call

Generally these interviews are on the phone and are a short and sweet way for an interviewer to get a grasp of you and if you are right for the business. Once you’ve chatted about the important bits, make sure you ask what the next steps will be in the interview process, that way you will know where you stand going forward. If they have not got back to you in the discussed time period then it’s worth a shot sending a follow up e-mail to your interviewer.

Dear Mrs Webstock,

I would like to say thank you again for arranging the interview for the IT Manager position. When last we spoke, it was mentioned that I would be notified about the second stage of the interview process by May 30th. I thought I would just check in if there were perhaps any updates?I will gladly offer any additional information that may help this process along.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind Regards

Be short and sweet. Concise and non annoying!

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