Being a Registered Nurse in New Zealand

Being a Registered Nurse in New Zealand

If you enjoy helping people and want a rewarding yet challenging profession, then nursing may be for you. Nursing has many scopes with varying levels of education and you can specialise in different areas. Registered Nurses assess, diagnose and treat patients in clinics, hospitals, care facilities and privately. Experienced nurses are in high demand and job availability is good.

As a Nurse your responsibilities may vary depending but general duties are as follows:

Assess, diagnose and treat patients

Administer medication and intravenous medication

Monitor patients and record details and changes

Educating communities about illness and injuries

Working alongside and supporting other health professionals

Ask yourself these questions before deciding if Nursing is your career path:

Do you have an interest in human physiology?

Are you comfortable with the human body?

Are you patient?

Are you good with people?

Are you detail orientated?

Are you happy to work in a fast paced and sometimes unpredictable work environment?

Are you happy to help others?

Are you able to stand the sight of blood or injuries?

Are you open minded when working with others?

Are you organised?

Can you handle long hours of standing and working?

If you answered Yes to most of these questions then Nursing may just be the right career path for you.

Nurses in hospitals, care centres and nursing homes can work 8 – 12 hour shifts. Medical centre or community centre nurses will most likely only work 40 hours a week.

Salary can vary from $47 000 to $110 000 per annum for various junior level to senior level positions.

To become a registered nurse you will need to complete a Bachelor of Health Sciences or Nursing. You will be required to register with the Nursing Council of New Zealand and have a valid Annual Nursing Certificate.

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