How to Create a New Zealand Style CV

How to Create a New Zealand Style CV


Keep it short and sweet

Can you do the job or not? Your first 5 non descript two week a piece jobs don’t matter. Include relevant experience and don’t waffle. Two to three pages maximum! Do not forget to include your contact details, address, work experience and skills.


Tell a Story about your skills

Again, don’t waffle but be sure to explain just how you used your stated skills in your previous jobs. Don’t just write a list. Clearly define what, when and how you did it and how your skills assisted you.

This is a great link if you don’t know what your skills are:


Have an Updated CV

Include all contacts details, such as landline and mobile phone as well as e-mail address. Ensure that your e-mail address is professional and not something ridiculous like Preferably your name in the e-mail. Make sure your last job is mentioned and reasons why you left and references. Double check your answer message on your phones and make sure they are suitable for employers.


Get it double checked for Grammar and Spelling

If English is not your first language or if you know that spelling and grammar are not your forte then be sure to ask someone who is fluent in English and or a spelling / grammar Nazi to check your CV for any mistakes.


Sell your Brand!

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Let an employer know why they should hire you and what value you are able to add to their business. Don’t brag or overrate yourself however. A touch of humility is always good. i.e. I managed to implement a completely new approach to how my last company managed their sales team but I couldn’t have done it without my colleague So and So’s excellent planning skills.


Always include References

New Zealand employers like to hear from the horse’s mouth about candidates when hiring. They will require at least 2 references from previous employers or character references from teachers , principals or lecturers, if you have no work experience.


Writing a Cover Letter shows dedication in your application

Anyone who takes the time to write a ‘personal’ and specific cover letter for that position will be regarded as being seriously interested in the position, it goes without saying. In your letter you can detail why you would like the job, what you can offer the company, highlight your qualifications, experience and skills that make you a perfect match for the role.

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