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Patoa Farms
724 Medbury Road, Hawarden, Canterbury
Hawarden, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Patoa Farms is the visionary project of Steve Sterne and Jens Ravn whose families joined together 
with a specific goal to farm pigs outdoors and as close to their natural habitat as possible.

For the sows, this means roaming free range with small straw based shelters in large paddocks for 
farrowing. For pigs being finished for bacon, it means large eco-barns with deep litter straw, the 
perfect blend for producing pork in the most eco-friendly sustainable way possible.

The search for land to begin this vision ended in 1998 when they happened upon a stretch of 
country bordering on the south bank of the Hurunui River in North Canterbury. Here “Patoa Farms” 
was formed and now 15 years later there is no looking back.

After Jens and Anne retired from the business in 2013, Steve and his family have continued 
on the story.

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