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Champion Flour Milling Ltd
Level 6, Tower 1 205 Queen Street
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: 093388001
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When it comes to producing fit­‐for­‐purpose flour for today’s highly varied uses and discerning customers, there is no substitute for experience. This is where Champion’s deep insights and expertise, gathered over one hundred and sixty years, really count. This knowledge is matched with our intimate understanding of each customer’s needs, evolving national and global trends, and unlocking the secrets of the grains themselves.

Champion produces over fifty percent of New Zealand’s cereal based products, and exports to Australia and Europe. To meet the demands of the numerous bakers and food manufacturers in these markets, Champion keeps a very close eye internationally on emerging food science and flour-based products.

Champion has a deep involvement in a wide range of grain research and industry bodies. These organisations are committed to developing new types of nutritional grains, natural alternatives to chemicals, better yields, and championing and recognising industry and individual excellence.

Ideas are the currency of the future. So customers can expect to see even more effort going in by Champion to find clever, cost-effective ways for them to build their businesses and reputations. It’s in our nature to share what we know and we enjoy knowing our customers, large and small, are making superb products from our Champion flour.

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