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Ecostrip NZ Ltd
Huntington Drive
Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Phone: 0212 284 418
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Ecostrip NZ Ltd is a NZ owned family business, established in 2017.

We have over 25 years of previous experience in the Heavy Machinery and Panel and Paint industries, including 11 years as owner/operators of a busy Panel and Paint shop. We ensure perfectionism and reliability, as well as top Rust removal Waikato. 

Ecostrip NZ exists to provide a top quality eco-friendly mobile blasting service to customers in a wide range of industries.

We offer a fully mobile vapour abrasive blasting service, a sandblasting alternative serving a wide-range of industries - from automotive, construction and heavy equipment, road transport and infrastructure, swimming pool sandblasting, industrial cleaning, to the marine and airline industries.

Whether you are looking to remove old paint (or graffiti) from the side of your building, remove roadway markings, strip paint off automotive parts, repair or restore concrete or swimming pool surfaces, remove rust or corrosion from steel, or prepare your boat surface, we can help you out!

In the past, only dry blasting/sandblasting would remove paint or other harsh surface material, requiring chemicals and a very messy work environment.

We were keen to find a Sand blasting Hamilton alternative that would minimise as many harmful effects on our wonderful environment as possible. The focus was on finding a machine that would reduce air and water pollution, but still carry out the most effective and efficient work for the customer.

We selected our industry leading Vapour Abrasive equipment, which has been tested and found to suppress up to 92% of dust compared to dry blasting/sandblasting. This is due to the blasting media being dampened before impacting the surface. The machine allows good control over water and Boat sand blasting Hamilton.

Because dust is minimised, less containment may be required and media clean-up time can be reduced. Since our equipment uses less water than slurry or other water-based technologies, pools of water are not left behind, reducing the need to worry about toxic runoff.

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