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Director, Massey University Centre for Psychology 

School of Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Psychology at Massey University is looking to appoint a Clinic Director to its busy Albany Centre for Psychology.

Grade:Lecturer / Senior Lecturer (Range 1)
Applications close:11:45 p.m. on 30 August 2018

Position overview

The appointee will be a practicing senior psychologist with a recognised Postgraduate Clinical Psychology qualification and must either be, or be eligible to, register with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and to hold a valid Annual Practice Certificate, and be eligible for registration under the Clinical Scope. A minimum of eight years practice experience is required, as well as demonstrated leadership skills and management experience. Familiarity with cognitive-behaviourally orientated assessment and treatment approaches is essential. Substantial experience in provision of therapy to children and young people and the cognitive assessment of children, young people and adults would be an added advantage.

The appointee will have direct responsibility for the Centre for Psychology on the Albany campus in Auckland and maintaining clinical psychology services to clients. This will include the initiation, procurement and maintenance of research and service relationships and contracts. The clinic is a training facility and has an essential role in supporting the School’s clinical psychology training programme. The role of the Director involves management of staff, the administration of the Centre as a centre of excellence, the design and implementation of clinical services to a selected range of clients, and the facilitation and management of the applied practice research. The role includes direct supervision of Clinical Psychology placement students and interns.

The Director will be able to coordinate the development of a coherent programme of research and will either develop an active research profile that complements the existing activity in the Centre for Psychology or may choose instead to focus on contributing to teaching. Collaborative research among colleagues within Massey University's multi-campus Psychology programme is encouraged.

As part of Massey University's commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi, the School of Psychology incorporates a bicultural focus into its programmes and practice.

Should you require clarification on any aspect of this position, please contact Associate Professor Ross Flett, Head of School, e-mail Information about the School of Psychology and the University can be accessed at and

Job description

Purpose statement

To direct the professional and research activities of the Albany Centre for Psychology , and to collaborate with academic clinical staff in training postgraduate students, as well as be responsible for safe and effective practice, and to manage relationships, contracts and grants to continue the Centre being financially self-sufficient.

Although the role of Director of the Centre for Psychology is autonomous, with line management direct to the Head of School, the Director will be considered a participant in the Clinical Psychology Training Programme and will work cooperatively with the Clinical Psychology Coordinator for Albany, Auckland, and the Director of Clinical Training. The Director will also work cooperatively with the Coordinators of the School’s other professional training programmes. Active engagement with the Directors of the School’s other two clinics, at Wellington and Palmerston North, will facilitate some degree of consistency and efficiency of operating procedures, financial arrangements, practice standards and supervision opportunities across the three campuses.

The directorship is a professional leadership role and it is essential that the Director will ensure the Centre’s operations conform to all legal and ethical requirements for client care, and match statutory and academic expectations for training clinical and other professional psychologists. It is also expected that the Director will liaise with the directors of other university training clinics in the country, with senior psychologists conducting internship training in the region, as well as with the local District Health Boards. The Director will maintain membership in an appropriate professional organisation (NZCCP or NZPsS), as well as registration with the Psychologists Board (Clinical Scope of Practice) and an Annual Practice Certificate.

Responsible to

Head of School

Key accountabilities

Clinical Practice:
1. Oversee and ensure the smooth functioning of the Centre for Psychology at Albany campus, Auckland.
2. Responsible for the establishment/refinement of professional procedures for all aspects of client services, including appropriate record keeping, client safety procedures, strategies for monitoring and evaluating client assessment and treatment plans by all staff, and ensuring appropriate follow-up and referral of all clients.
3. Ensure all clinical activities occur within established procedures and guidelines.
4. Ensure all staff and students seeing clients through the Centre for Psychology have adequate supervision.

Staff Management:
1. Ensure that all staff who work in the Centre, including academic staff conducting clinical or clinical research work with clients, consultants, and administrative staff are delivering clinical services according to ethical and professional standards.
2. Foster positive working relationships amongst staff, be attentive to interpersonal issues that might impact on staff morale and function, and ensure that staff are treated with dignity and respect.
3. Help individual staff members to review and improve the performance of their duties and to identify career and professional development opportunities.
4. Discuss with staff their role expectations and provide a clear understanding of their performance objectives.
5. Ensure appropriate development, training and/or support is provided to assist continuous improvement.

1. Oversee the ongoing development of a cogent programme of research involving Centre for Psychology practitioners, students and academic staff from the School.
2. Maintain the Centre for Psychology as a centre of excellence for research and training.
3. Ensure where possible that service contracts have a specified and agreed-upon research component.
4. Ensure consent processes for clients include clear specifications of research components and provide appropriate information regarding participation and the use of their records in research protocols.
5. Responsible for the Centre for Psychology having a focus on a limited number of domains of psychological practice, with specialisations that match the interests and expertise of available staff and other academic staff of the School, as appropriate.
6. Contribute to the clinical programme, through supervision (including review of video-tapes or direct observation of students), demonstration of skills, and participation in workshops

Where appropriate:
Participate in co-supervision of research projects for Honours, Masters, or DClinPsych projects. 
Participate in team-based research.

Centre for Psychology Management/Administration:
1. Responsible for the allocation and utilisation of office space.
2. Work with appropriate management units on-campus to ensure all facilities are maintained according to University standards.
3. Responsible for managing the operations of the Centre for Psychology according to all health and disability legislation, OSH requirements for staff and clients, and the ethical code of the New Zealand Psychological Society.
4. Undertake administration relevant to the functioning of the Centre for Psychology, psychological assessments and student supervision.

Financial Management:
The financial management of the Centre for Psychology occurs within the total budgetary operations of the School of Psychology.
1. Ensure the Centre for Psychology operates in a sound financial manner.
2. Liaise with the School Business Manager to ensure policies, procedures and processes are in accordance with University requirements.

Service to the Community:
1. Participate in community service activities that further the well-being of the community, advances the profession or field, and which are consistent with the University's Profile.
2. Develop the Centre for Psychology environment to give effect to the obligations of the Treaty of Waitangi.

University Responsibilities:
1. Ensure the observance of University policy and codes of practice in all supervision/teaching, research, community service and administrative practices.
2. Contribute to the development of a School/ Centre for Psychology working environment of teamwork and cooperation.

Key Competencies:
1. Manage all aspects of the Centre for Psychology.
2. Plan, organise and administer own work.
3. Facilitate clinical practice.
4. Facilitate student learning.
5. Work collaboratively with colleagues.
6. Undertake and publish research OR develop, implement and evaluate best practice services.
7. Model appropriate cultural competencies, especially bicultural expectations.

Person specification


Minimum of a PGDipClinPsych in Clinical Psychology or equivalent postgraduate qualification in clinical psychology.
Registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board within the Clinical Scope of Practice (or immediately eligible).
Hold a valid Annual Practice Certificate (or immediately eligible).
Full member of either the New Zealand Psychological Society or the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (or immediately eligible).

Understanding of ethical practice.


Successful experience in management is essential.
Breadth of practice experience. (Preference may be given to experience in the assessment and treatment of a range of psychological disorders within a cognitive-behavioural orientation).
Minimum of ten years practice experience as a clinical psychologist.
Involvement in the design and execution of clinical research projects OR applied professional service development projects.
Experience of working in a relevant academic environment and of liaising with professionals from other disciplines.
Ability to work with other professionals.
Experience as a psychologist in an organisation providing psychological services.
Experience in tertiary teaching and/or supervision.

Personal attributes and behaviours

Sophisticated understanding of, and capacity to develop, systems.
Knowledge of service contract negotiation and delivery.
Strongly developing skills in management (including sound delegation and facilitation skills); personnel management (including management of accountability, difficult conversations, and well-being).
Sound knowledge of Programme Evaluation as relevant to professional psychological services.
Knowledge of the mental health and other public service systems in New Zealand.
Motivated and committed to achieving high standards of clinical service and professional ethics.
Excellent communication skills, together with the ability to inspire students.
Knowledge of, and sensitivity towards, working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Knowledge of kaupapa Maori models of mental health is highly desirable.
High level of oral and written communication skills.
Committed to the development of a research culture within a service setting; committed to the scientist-practitioner model of training and practice.
Versatile team player.
Excellent role model for students.

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