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Forestry workers


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Forest Workers

Forestry offers a wide range of opportunties to those able and willing.
This position is an ideal for those who just want a good solid job, through to those looking to develop a career starting from the ground floor.

Rodco is a 'go ahead' company currently recruiting staff in order to meet it's need for growth.
Our crews are multi cultural with a strong team and H&S culture.

Position Overview
This position is suited to fit outdoorsman who pursue both physical and mental challedge. 
It is a minimum requirement that all applicant shall have had recently worked in a forest environment. Be physical fit and able to work safely on steep terrain. A large percentage of the work to be undertaken involves the operation and maintenance of chainsaws, as such having experience and ideally competence in the use of chainsaws is desirable.
An assessment of skills shall be carried out at the commencement of work to assess training needs and ensure duties are for filled in a competent and safe manner.
It is company policy that all employees who are not fully qualified in the tasks they are employed to undertake will commit to a training program, which will see them gain the necessary units of learning (NZQA) to become qualified in all tasks they perform. Rodco encourages all employees to work towards gaining ‘National Certificates’
Forest Establishment – June to August
Combines the processes associated with site preparation and planting of seedling trees in accordance with the forest managers specifications.
  •  Site preparation usually involves the use of herbicide and backpack sprayers but may also involve herbicide granules, hand tools and chainsaws.
  • Planting is carried out using a specially prepared spade. Seedlings are carried in planting bag worn on the hip.
 Silviculture – September to May
 is the combination of all tending processes done on trees once they have been planted. These processes include
  •  Pruning - removal of branches up to around 6m, as stated in the relevant job prescription. Is normally done in 2 or 3 stages using chainsaws, loppers, and ladders
  • Thinning – the felling of inferior trees until the required final crop stocking is achieved, using chainsaws and associated equipment.
 Much of this work is undertaken in remote steep and rugged country. There is an inherent risk to personal safety. In order to make sure that everyone gets home safely Rodco expects all its employees to be actively involved in ensuring that they do. Rodco takes Health and Safety seriously, we expect the company’s employees to do likewise! To this end all employees are expected to be fully compliant and actively partake in all areas of Health and Safety

Job Requirements:

Principal Responsibilities –
 To actively participate in maintaining a safe working environment. - Ensure that work is carried out in accordance with industry best practice and Health and Safety requirements are adhered too.
  • To ensure company procedures, workplace rules and job prescription specifications are understood and adhered to.
  • To work in a safe, productive and conscientious manner.
To work as a team member and as such to retain good communication with other team members, particularly the ones on either side of you. Your work should enhance the overall productivity and moral of the team.​

Specific Duties –
 Work method All work to be carried out using ‘best practice guidelines’ keeping in mind your safety and that of others stated in the job prescription.
  • H&S Manual To become conversant with Rodco’s H&S Manual
  • Meetings To be actively involved in all H&S meetings.
  • Hazard Ensure that you understand the hazards and their controls associated with your worksite, as they are listed on the Hazard register. You should Each Hazard register is to be signed to acknowledge your understanding. As you are working note hazards around you, particularly those with the potential to cause significant harm. Make those around you aware of the hazard. Report it to your supervisor so it can be added to the hazard register.
  • Equipment Ensure that all equipment (including PPE) being used is undamaged and well maintained.

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Rodco Forestry Ltd
Gisborne, Gisborne, New Zealand

Phone: (027) 271 3012
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