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Looking for a new role? These 10 questions will help you work out whether your potential employer will provide positive working conditions, or have you running for the door!

1. What are your teacher/child ratios?

The minimum ratios are 1:5 for under 2’s and 1:10 for over 2’s, with at least 50% qualified teachers. However, a good centre will have higher ratios to enable a quality programme to be delivered, and to allow for teachers’ breaks and non-contact time. 

2. How many qualified teachers will be on my team?

Whether you’re a new teacher or more experienced, you will want to have qualified, experienced teachers on your team to support you in your role. 

3. What non-contact time is provided?

Teachers need weekly scheduled non-contact time dedicated to programme planning and documentation. It should be provided during work hours, and ideally with your team for collaboration and support. 

4. When are staff meetings held? … Are they paid or unpaid?

Most centres hold staff meetings after hours so that everyone can attend together. They should be held regularly, and include professional development, research and team activities for added benefit.

5. Do you pay for teacher registration or first aid costs?

As these are ongoing and compulsory requirements for teachers, it can make a real difference if centres are willing to pay for these costs. 

6. Do you provide a mentoring programme?

If you’re provisionally registered, it’s important to have a mentor with the time to commit to a 2 year induction and mentoring programme. Ideally, mentoring should be available to all teachers to assist with goal setting and achievement, even when fully registered.

7. What professional development do you offer? … How often? … Is it paid or unpaid?

Teachers need to continually learn and grow to keep up with the latest developments in education, to develop their career and to be the best teachers they can be. A good centre will invest time and money to provide you with quality professional development from leading industry experts. 

8. What opportunities will there be to advance my career with you?

A good centre will be planning for the future and will support you to advance your career to the next level. Find out if they offer any structured leadership development, and if any current leaders have been promoted from within.

9. Do you offer any staff benefits? … Or anything to support staff wellbeing?

Staff benefits and wellness initiatives show that leaders care about their staff and are prepared to invest in you and your wellbeing. They can also make your job a lot more enjoyable!

10. Do you have environmentally friendly practices? … Or support any community initiatives?

Recycling initiatives, eco-friendly resources and practices, and community fundraising are all signs that your potential new employer cares about other people and the wider environment, and is prepared to take positive action. 

Bear Park has several qualified teaching positions available now at central Auckland locations. Ask us these questions to see how we stack up!

Please contact Vicki Russell, People & Culture Manager at Bear Park on 021-052-5153, or via email using the 'Apply' button. 

To find out more about the progressive things we do at Bear Park, please visit our website www.bearpark.co.nz and follow our Facebook page www.facebook.com/bearparkchildcare.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.
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