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Construction, Engineering

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Temporary, Contract

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Project Manager - Electrical

We are in need of several Construction Team Leads to oversee various streams of work, for 2 large locations in Auckland.

This is a large piece of work and requires multiple experts across various facility upgrade/ remediation/ Brown field operations.

We are looking for several Electrical experts who come from hands on electrical design and implementation and are now the team lead/ manager.

Ideal is minimal 10 years expertise knowledge with minimal 5 years management experience.

Having been involved and lead several projects, pieces of work to delivery and provided the support your team required to achieve success.

The work at hand is a high priority for Auckland, New Zealand, so strong and outcome based personality and drive is required.


There are multiple roles across various expertise, so if you are not an electrical expert, please still send through you CV.

We are also looking for Water pump, Cooling, Mechanical, Heating, Gas, Maintenance team leads, so please send through you profile.


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Alpha Personnel Recruitment Ltd P.O. Box 99256, Newmarket, Auckland 1149,
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 5242336, 05
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