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General Duties: The purpose of a fleet tyre mechanic is to manage the tyre needs of a customer’s fleet of vehicles in such a way as to provide the customer with the lowest possible operating costs.

-Performs scheduled fleet check and responds to onsite or road calls due to vehicle breakdown

-Setting up the vehicle which undergoes the exclusive electronic equipment Time Management System (TMS). TMS determines the vehicle’s history, condition, maintenance to perform, the forecasting of the status of the vehicle and with GPS integration to send out real-time reports to the headquarters

-Setting up the equipment necessary before determining the status of the vehicle and identifying the potential issue/s

-Carefully disassembling parts of the vehicle using a piece of specialised equipment (‘impact gun’) and cautiously removing different components and parts of the vehicle,

-Cleaning, inspecting hubs, lubricating washers, studs and other parts that need to be repaired or replaced and then reassembling machinelike items

-Performs regular maintenance services, such as:
1.    Perform fleet inspections, and report to person responsible when tyres become unsafe and require replacement.
2.    Strip and Fit tyres as required.
3.    Repair punctures according to the guidelines set out by management.
4.    Alert customers to any vehicle faults within his fleet e.g. Wheel alignments etc.
5.    When representing the company, act in a professional manner when dealing with all customers, and members of the public.
6.    Attend to callouts / After Hours callouts when and where required.
7.    Manage stock holding/levels and customer requirements for retreads where required.
8.    Observe all customer and company health and safety regulations. Including measures to ensure that your own safety is not compromised.
9.    Responsible for daily calls to customers as per run sheets

Additional duties:
•      Complete all paperwork as shown.
•      Submit all paperwork daily
•      Always obtain an order number for work completed.
•      Communicate with base regularly, e.g. when leaving one area to travel to another.
•      Maintain all tools regularly, (grease & oil air tools weekly).
•      Deliver all tyres back to the customer daily.
•      All deliveries must be accompanied by a proof of delivery docket.
•      Company vehicles must be cleaned at least once a week and kept at a high standard of tidiness.
•      Company uniforms must be worn at all times, no exceptions.
•      Inform management of any discrepancies within any accounts.
•      Check for service and ruc charges and inform your manager of impending service or ruc requirements.
•      Report other damage or wear and tear to vehicles and tools.
•      Adhere to the roster for Saturday’s and After-Hours work.

-Reassembling items and parts that are fixed, repaired or replace
-Examining and correcting the vehicle after repairing through a process called ‘Retorquing’ (Retorque notification provided)
-Providing proper recommendations to clients on operating procedures to avoid potential issues
-Final check of the vehicle for any possible issue/s
Company Info
Carters Tyre Service NZ 9 Highbrook Drive, PO Box 58688
New Zealand

Phone: 09 273-6388
Web Site: http://www.carterstyres.co.nz/

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