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We need a good sparky who is familiar with the New Zealand electrical industry and preferably an individual with 2 or more years experience in installing solar. The individual must be willing to work hard, grow and continue to expand on their experience and knowledge within the industry

But first a wee bit about the company:-
- We are a moderately sized company which has experienced solid growth over the last 5-6 years in everything from residential, commercial, industrial and domestic and commercial solar.

Skilled Electrical wants to be the easiest contractor to deal with on any job site, and we want our clients to know that we have done as much as we can for them in all instances.

Therefore we need the following types of people.

-People who are trustworthy, honest, and down to earth.
-Hard workers are essential, (if you are looking for a cushy job please don't apply).
-People who are service orientated, your role is not just to be a technician, your primary role is to give the best service you can to all who come into contact with Skilled Electrical.
-We want people who are humble, (No big egos here).
-People who don't stress too much under pressure. We take our job very seriously, however we want people that can keep the job in perspective.
-People with a willingness to do whatever task is required to get the job done safely and efficiently.

And in return we/the company will endeavour to do the following.

-Supply you with a good pay rate, van, smart phone, tablet, uniform etc. Its also our intention to provide all employees a profit share within the company provided you can regularly meet the companies minimum performance reviews.
-Always communicate and listen to what your needs/wants are inside and outside of work. We then look for ways Skilled Electrical can help you meet those needs/wants.
-Supply you with the resources, skills, etc. you require to do the job efficiently and as smoothly as you can.
-We will do our best to provide you with your preferred type of work. (sometimes can be difficult to do but we actively seek to get a variety of work).
-Actively work to keep a positive, up beat work environment and culture. With allowances for after work social events.

So if you are looking for an open honest company which has a sustainable, positive future in Canterbury with the very real potential to expand nationwide, you want to be part of the growth and to share in the opportunity then give us a call and send in your CV as per the instructions below.
Please apply with a CV and covering letter explaining why, based on the advert, you think you would like to work for us and why you feel you will be a good fit for the position.
Company Info
Skilled Electrical 120 Maces Road Bromley, Christchurch 8062

Phone: 0800 7545533
Web Site: https://www.skilledelectrical.co.nz/

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