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Why Is ASWEFA The Right Fit For You?

Being surrounded by a team who are passionate about their industry and about making a difference in workplace safety keeps the fire inside you alive.

Having your own business provides you the opportunity to be your own boss, generate your own income and be responsible for your own success.  Having the ASWEFA team behind you, provides your business with established and successful systems, industry expertise and company support – allowing for a much greater chance of success, than going it alone.

The ASWEFA Customer Service Centre …
There are many unique reasons for choosing an ASWEFA Franchise, with one of the most vital being our comprehensive Customer Support Centre.  The ASWEFA Regional Office runs a dedicated Customer Support Centre which takes the daily admin chore away from our franchisees.  This allows the franchisee to focus on growing their business through more profitable avenues, such as:
  • Building up their client base
  • Carrying out training
  • Focusing on their own success 
With the Customer Service Centre providing customers a seamless connection to training ASWEFA franchisees can be confident their customers will be responded to promptly, professionally and knowledgably.
The ASWEFA Regional Office are continuously evaluating courses, client needs and the development of effective options and offerings to ensure that workplace safety is not just a compliancy tick.  This frees up time allowing the franchisees to be able to focus on their own core business requirements. 

ASWEFA were the first in the New Zealand marketplace to take online forklift training direct to individuals and company’s, through constant refocusing and analyzing of the marketplace and client needs. 

Having a passionate, knowledgeable and supportive team in your corner can make a bad day a whole lot better.  This cannot be undervalued!

We recognise that lifestyle, and work/life balance are important.  Everyone needs a break at some point.  Being your own boss and owning your own business doesn’t always allow for down time, especially when you are operating as a sole trader. 
With the ASWEFA system you have a Customer Service Centre working to book out your calendar and schedule your workload, so that when you do take time off you can potentially come back to a full and busy schedule with minimal disruption to your income!  This process is essential in allowing our franchisees to take time off and relax without worrying about the stability of their business in their absence.

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We are looking for a Hamilton Franchisee!  Could this be you?

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