Curious? Just a little bit?... ;-) shhhhh... SECRETS...


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Auckland, Auckland 



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Ok, well...;


suppose you could choose to read this email and delete it. Or delete it
right away. Or read it, close it, think about it a little... then read
it again... and think... really, really think. Then walk away, laugh it
off if you want to. Then come back and read it again. Then think about what's on my desk. 12 bundles. 3 weeks work that was
:-). And yes, each one is a thousand dollar bundle in case you were




then wonder to yourself, if you have ever had the thought or desire to
think about what it might be like to be a private escort?... Most people
don't even fully understand what that word means.


be a girl who's time and company gets paid for. To be that girl, who
never, EVER has to think twice again about lack of money. To be that
girl that high end corporate clients would dare not normally approach in
a bar... but rather be happy to pay for her time in private.To be that
private, discreet,exclusive, part time companion that no one ever knows
about, but gets paid insane amount of money for your company.


are we? We're a private, upmarket, discreet establishment. We're one
step ahead of the rest - our premises are stylish, secure and discreet.
We have high end private apartments. Our clientele are corporate and
respectful. We operate daytimes. None of this late night rubbish. Our
girls are a notch above your normal everyday girl; they're elegant,
classy, intelligent, funny and attractive. But above all, they're
normal, just like you and I.


not a parlour or an agency and anything silly like that. We are just a
private establishment, with a small private group of confident,
ambitious, intelligent girls who know what it takes to be successful in
this industry. You've probably seen us. We're the local girl down at the
supermarket, down at the mall, at the tennis, in the club, at the
gym... but what you don't see is that our purses are full of 100 dollar
bills. Make no mistake; you would be surprised how many girls you see in
daily life are actually highly paid private escorts. And no one knows.


We're fully licensed and above board. It is fully legal and we have operator licenses :-)


pride ourselves on providing our girls with the best of everything. You
will be in a fun, supportive and welcoming environment and you'll be
well looked after. This is a great opportunity for ambitious, reliable
girls who have the right frame of mind and know how to have a good time.
A very supportive way to come and try out that curiosity that you may
have ever had about private escorting...




earning potential is immense, fantastic $$$! You can easily take home
up to $4,000 a week, cash in hand! Full training, support and advice
provided. No experience necessary, just a good attitude (and a big
purse, we'll show you how to fill it!). Both full time and part time
positions available. Choose your own hours. Flexibility is important to
us! Work day or night. Work 2 hours a day or 8 hours a day. Work around
University, other work, whatever! You decide. You'll effectively be an
independent, working for yourself. We simply provide you the facilities,
props, training, clientele base and a fun safe environment.


you are considering entering the industry and have curious questions,
do not hesitate to contact us. There is NO other job in the world that
pays this kind of money. Simple as that. If you are serious about money,
you should talk to us :-)


we said earlier, we're not a parlor or agency, we're simply a group of
professionals who do not judge or objectify. So send us a quick email
and we'll get back in touch with you. We're supportive, down to earth,
professional and friendly. Your privacy and discretion will always be
respected and our number one priority.


Needless to say, you must be over 18 years of age and be able to prove it.


Curious, even just a little bit? :-)

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Secrets 113/77 Halsey Street, Wynyard Quarter
Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: 021 163 0218
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