$23 - $29/hr depending on skills

Job description

Monday to Friday (work on weekends may be required) - at least 30 hours per week

Number of Position: 1


Job description:

  • Study blueprints, design specifications, or manufacturers’ recommendations to ascertain the configuration of equipment components and to ensure the proper installation of components;
  • Bolting, soldering, riveting, welding and brazing pipes to connect equipment, and checking alignment and accuracy of fit, using electric, gas, or other welding equipment;
  • Drilling holes, installing mounting brackets and cutting, bending and threading piping;
  • Adjust equipment to ensure optimal performance;
  • Repair and maintain the relevant deliverables;
  •  Comply with all applicable standards, policies, or procedures, such as safety procedures or the maintenance of a clean work area;
  • Document operational activities.


Job pre-requisites:

  • At least three years of relevant work experience or relevant qualification;
  • Eyes for details and a hard-working attitude;
  • Being physically fit;
  • The successful candidate must not have any criminal convictions and be able to pass a drug test.
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