Chinese cuisine cook

$21.50-$28 per hour depending on your skills

Job description

Zhan Food Ltd is based in Auckland. We are now looking for multiple experienced Chinese Cuisine cooks to join us. This is a full-time role with at least 35 hours a week.


Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Prepare, season and cook Chinese cuisine to a high standard to support our business.


Tasks Include:

• Examining Chinese cuisine ingredients and foodstuffs to ensure the food quality

• Regulating temperatures of other cooking equipment

• Preparing and cooking food with Chinese wok,

• Seasoning food with Chinese cuisine ingredients during cooking

• Portioning food, placing it on plates, and adding gravies, sauces and garnishes

• Preparing Chinese cuisine food to meet special dietary requirements

• If may work with the manager to plan menus and estimate food requirements


The successful candidate must have:

• Minimum 1 year of relevant working experience or a formal Chinese Cuisine cookery qualification

• Good work attitude and good communication skills

• Strong motivation

• Physical fitness and could handle the heavy workload

• Quality workmanship and eye for detail

• Strong dedication to health and workplace safety

• Excellent interpersonal skills to work with other team members.

• Strong ability to work independently


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E1-119 Meadowland Drive, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand
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