Steel Fixers Wanted

$27.76 - $28

Job description

This is an excellent opportunity to work for an experienced and well-established Auckland based construction company.


We are looking for 4 full-time (minimum 40 hours per week to maximum 60 hours per week) Steel Fixers to join our team, with at least 1 year’s relevant work experience in the same field or a level 2 or 3 certificate when being considered.


Steel Fixer is required to:

  • Interpret and implement specifications and details shown on the engineering sheets, have the ability to use all primary tools associated with the work
  • Use hand and power tools to cut and bend steel bars and steel mesh into appropriate size
  • Lay out steel bars, mesh, rods, and framework.
  • Hoist steel bars, mesh, and reinforcements into place.
  • Fit spacers and supports.
  • Join steel reinforcement bars, footings, and girders by welding or with clips or wires.
  • Fix steel bars and mesh to solid concrete bases.
  • Work safely and efficiently, meet quality standards

We offer a competitive rate of  $27.76 - $28 per hour and it could be negotiated to $29.00 per hour depending on your personal conditions and experiences.

Our type of employment: Permanent

If you meet the above requirements, have a great work attitude and are a team player, then please send us your CV together with any documentation supporting your work experience and/or related qualifications to:

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11 Vazey Way, Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand
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