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$28 - $32

Job description

About us

EPRO Construction Ltd is a well-established business throughout the Auckland region. We are offering great multiple opportunities to join a growing Company with excellent competitive rates and long-term construction work with a highly motivated team.

Job Description

  • Measuring the area that must be tiled or marbled to determine stock requirements
  • Cutting tiles and shaping them properly to ensure they fit around obstacles and in tight corners and odd spaces using power and hand tools
  • Forming tile beds using concrete, plaster, mastic, cement, glue, or mortar utilizing tools such as screeds, brushes and trowels
  • Aligning tiles and straightening them with straightedges, levels and squares to ensure patterns are even and precise
  • Cutting, installing, polishing and surface granite and marble and ensure accuracy during the installation process for lasting results
  • Preparing various surfaces for tiling with waterproofing material or lath and by cleaning the surfaces properly
  • Creating decorative wall and floor designs by laying and setting mosaic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms
  • Tapping tiles into place carefully using tools to properly adhere tiles to the base, making sure not to break or damage tiles
  • Following blueprints precisely and marking and measuring surfaces that need to be tiled to determine how to go about the job

More details about the position

  • Location: Auckland
  • Job type: Full-time Permanent
  • Number of positions for this job: 5
  • Pay rate: from $28 to $32 
  • Days required: 5-6 days/week, roster may apply
  • Hours per week: at least 40, maximum 55 hours/week

Although onsite training will be provided, the successful applicant must have one of the following:

  • A New Zealand Certificate in Tiling (Level 4 and above) or equivalent qualifications/certificates, or
  • 2~3 years relevant experience in this sector
  • Good work attitude and good communication skills
  • Physical fitness and could handle the heavy workload
  • Quality workmanship and eye for detail
  • Strong dedication to health and workplace safety
  • Strong ability to work independently  

Job requirements

Applicants must pass the drug test. If you meet the above requirements, have a great work attitude and are a team player, please send us your CV together with any documentation supporting your work experience and/or related qualifications to info@eproconstruction.co.nz
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EPRO Construction Limited
46 Hobsonville Road, West Harbour,, Auckland, New Zealand
Company Profile Website : https://eproconstruction.co.nz
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