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Who we are
Henry Schein One provides leading online dental practice management software to thousands of dental professionals. We are shaping the future of how millions of patients interact with their dental practice. We aim to solve tough, real-world problems by continuously innovating in the product space. We are growing our team to allow us to expand the use of our products across the globe.
Our Tech and Tools
  • C , C#, .NET, Entity Framework
  • Angular, Typescript
  • Several AWS and Azure services
  • Automated workflows and CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • SQL Server
  • Terraform
The way we work
We are not looking for ticket takers, we are looking for problem solvers. Our development teams are presented with problems, supported by context and research to help them deliver a solution using modern tools and technology. We are passionate about developing software the right way. Our developers work with both old and new platforms alike, but we are extremely creative in using modern tools and technology to enhance our customers’ experience with our legacy products. Collaboration is a big part of how we operate. We are responsible for making decisions that will affect thousands of users.
About you
You are highly self-motivated and can work independently or partner closely with other engineers on a project. You are excited about building high-quality products and want to own the product development lifecycle starting with the right design and development principles. You have strong communication and interpersonal skills. You enjoy solving problems and like to challenge yourself by building scalable and highly performant solutions. You are about the development of others and are driven to continuously improve your team and its individual. You are able to positively and collaboratively influence decision making and improve practices within your team, department, and stakeholder network.
What you’ll be doing
  • Design, architect, write readable and extremely maintainable code or templates that support the design/architecture
  • Pragmatic in identifying opportunities to improve our code via refactor or redesign, encouraging the boy-scout rule: “Leave your code better than you found it”.
  • Guide the team by explaining the motivation behind a design/architecture, explaining best practices especially the “why”
  • Reviewing other developers’ code, facilitating interactive reviews or pair programming sessions whenever necessary
  • Build, maintain, and improve a robust, fully automated CI/CD pipeline that builds and publishes the code, runs tests (unit, integration, UI, end-to-end), reports code coverage, performs static analysis, and ships the software all the way to production with zero downtime
  • Develop tools or automation that improves and accelerates the development process. If it’s tedious, let’s automate it!
  • Helping recruit engineers to create a talent dense, high performing engineering team
  • Inspiring, motivating and coaching to enable the continuous development of individuals within your team
  • Working closely with the product team to build and support successful new features whilst improving the quality and experience of existing features
What you’ll be working on
  • Creating web applications and cloud solutions involving the full stack: frontend, backend, background services, persistence, security, telemetry.
  • Designing, coding, building, testing (through automation), deploying, and maintaining our products. We advocate the “you build it, you ship it” DevOps mantra.
  • Developing an API infrastructure that allows for secure and simple integrations between multiple systems including legacy ones.
  • Collaborating with product owners, other engineers, and business stakeholders on projects
  • Communicating technical ideas and leading projects with a focus on solving real-world business challenges
  • Contributing to development process improvements, architecture guidelines, coding standards, and best practices.
  • Consistently sharpening your skills in multiple facets of software development including design, architecture, coding, testing, cloud services, infrastructure, CI/CD, and modern DevOps practices.
  • Responding to, troubleshooting, and debugging any unexpected issues in production, participating in constructive post-mortem exercises, and implementing relevant action items
Your technical skills
  • Senior-level software developer with 6 years of experience
  • Strong coding skills in C is beneficial
  • Experience with C#/.NET, Entity Framework, Typescript or JavaScript, T-SQL
  • Strong experience working with at least one well-known JavaScript framework like Angular, React, Vue.js and/or Node.js
  • Strong hands-on experience in building cloud-native solutions using AWS and/or Azure. Preferably cloud services for container hosting and orchestration (e.g., Amazon EKS) or serverless functions (e.g., AWS Lambda, Azure Functions).
  • Strong hands-on experience in modern architectures like microservices, event-driven architectures (e.g., IoT)
  • Strong hands-on experience with implementing modern CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps or an equivalent
  • Ability to grasp highly technical concepts and pragmatically apply it in projects where practical. Examples are Security, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, multithreading/asynchronous programming, networking, IoT, reactive programming, and database performance tuning
  • A deep understanding of the SOLID principles, design patterns, and data structures and ability to intuitively apply these in your day-to-day work
  • Extremely adept at reading existing or other people's code. Can quickly learn codebases and patterns including legacy systems.
Your personal attributes
  • Excellent communication skills. You can explain complex technical concepts clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences. You can explain both the “how” and the “why” in verbal and/or written forms.
  • Assertive in proposing and pursuing solutions whilst presenting multiple alternatives and their corresponding trade-offs
  • Great sense of urgency. Comfortable in putting pressure on yourself and your team for timely results.
  • Ability to connect and establish relationships with the team. Great team player and thrives in collaboration. Shares information generously.
  • Effective at mentoring and coaching different levels (junior, intermediate, peers/seniors) and can intuitively identify learning opportunities for your mentees e.g., guide them which trainings to take, books and articles to read, personal projects to work on
  • Extremely adaptable. You work effectively with ambiguity, uncertainties, and evolving requirements, knowing when to shift strategies or recalibrate plans
  • Strong passion for learning. You keep yourself abreast of relevant technology updates and trends impacting your products.
  • Self-organising and resourceful in overcoming complex problems and obstacles
  • Empathetic and authentic
  • Inquisitive and interested
Benefits we offer
  • Highly competitive salary and benefits package
  • Remote working options
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to work in a highly creative and dynamic work environment
  • You are responsible for making decisions that will affect thousands of users. You won’t be micromanaged or subject to decision by committee
  • Ability to help us shape and evolve our culture
  • Worldwide career progression opportunities

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