$22 - $30 per hour

Job description

Full-time Permanent Job
Hours per week: at least 40 hours per week
Number of vacancies: 5

Job description:

  • Lay building materials such as brick, structural tile, concrete cinder, glass, gypsum, and terra cotta block to construct or repair walls, partitions, arches, sewers, and other structures;
  • Measure the distance from reference points and marks guidelines on the working surface to layout work;
  • Spread soft bed of mortar that serves as base and binder for block, using trowel;
  • Apply mortar to end of block and position block in mortar bed;
  • Tap block with the trowel to level, align, and embed in mortar, allowing the specified thickness of joint;
  • Remove excess mortar from the face of the block using a trowel;
  • Finish mortar between brick with a pointing tool or trowel;
  • Break bricks to fit spaces too small for whole brick, using the edge of a trowel or brick hammer;
  • Determine vertical and horizontal alignment of courses using plumb bob, gauge line, and level;
  • Fasten brick or terra cotta veneer to the face of structures, with tie wires embedded in mortar between bricks or in anchor holes in veneer brick.

Job pre-requisites:

  • At least two years of on-site work experience;
  • Eyes for details and a hard-working attitude;
  • Being physically fit;
  • The successful candidate must not have any criminal convictions and be able to pass a drug test
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