Financial Controller

Job description


You are responsible for day to day financial activities for the company, including; financial strategy, analysis of the financial transaction records, reporting back to management on the state of the company's finances, cash flow, producing accounts, setting and checking targets, monitoring the performance of each developing projects, and overseeing all tax and regulatory issues


Direct and coordinate company financial planning and budget management functions. Monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget


  • Transmit and analyze project performance by director and project sector.
  • Calculate and record project earnings and costs.
  • Analyze the project profit and loss.
  • Conduct updated fee forecast for coming year.
  • Provide project fee reconciliation.
  • Evaluate staff productivity.
  • Manage the preparation of financial outlooks and financial forecasts




Prepare financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions.


  • Train and assist staffs in planning and calculate project budget.
  • Provide project control reports to third parties.
  • Conduct on planning and policy-making committees



Financial invoice


  • Discuss with Directors to produce invoices (monthly).
  • Process and distribute invoices.
  • Review project resource budgets with relating staffs  and director, discuss project performance
  • Direct financial audits and provide recommendations for procedural improvements.




Direct and coordinate debt financing and debt service payments with external agencies.


Account receivable control

  • Analyze and chase overdue invoices with relating staffs and director.
  • Discuss with Directors about aged debtors. Identify issues, provide financial options and develop financial plans and strategies.


Accounts payable


  • Assist accountant to recognize approved customers special rate and processing payment runs when is required.



Maintain Company Records


  • Design, register, and maintain an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the department's goals and objectives.
  • Approve company timesheets and assist payroll.
  • Identify with directors projects to be closed – and process project closeouts.



Oversee daily operations of the finance department



Job requirements

  At least 5 years relating working experience or Bachelor degree in Finance or accounting equivalent   Mature, responsible, can work under pressure. Self-motivated and innovative. Super problem-solving and decision-making abilities  
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